Mary Jane Perry Stafford


On behalf of Mary Jane Perry Stafford’s family after an extensive conversation with Mary Jane’s sister Jean it was brought to my attention that allegedly no one from the Charleston Police Department WV has ever maintained an ongoing investigative relationship with the family nor reached out to, kept in touch with or provided any type of status update on the investigation into to the homicide death of their loved one since 1993. 

According to Jean, Mary Jane may have participated in unsafe behavioral activities specifically drugs and prostitution, Jean feels because Mary Jane participated in that type of behavior, that is potentially the contributing factor as to why no one within the department from the onset actively investigated Mary Jane’s death nor pursued the individual responsible. If Jean’s  instinct  is accurate, then I must state in my own opinion it is both incomprehensible and inexcusable period.

Notwithstanding Mary Jane’s behavior she was first and foremost a human being that did not deserve to die at the hands of a killer and the same amount of effort should have and should be placed on her case as any other. 

With that said I contacted and  kindly requested of the Victim’s Advocate in Charleston WV to please reach out to the family and provide to Jean any and all information pertaining to what if any investigative activities in the past or present are taking place on her sister’s case. When Jean did not hear back from the Advocate, I went one step further and contacted Paul Perdue Deputy Chief of Police in attempt to get this case moving in the right direction.

In addition, Mary Jane’s personal belongings have never been returned to the family, more specifically a heart shaped ring that was used by the department as the Jane Doe identifying item on a local news report, the family would like to have the ring back which I do not think is too much to ask since they are no closer to knowing the truth as to who killed their Sister, Daughter, Mother than they were 26 years ago.

As I am sure you the reader can understand this family has experienced extended suffering waiting for answers to their questions that are still not forth coming. I am hoping that Charleston Police Department WV will step up and provide to the family what they so desperately have waited so long to hear and that their sister did not die in vain and that their department does care.

My present and future intentions are to assist this family by getting this cold case out there on social media where it belongs in the hopes of receiving credible feedback to assist in identifying the individual responsible for her death.

The following news articles were provided by Jean. Please let it be known that the family is deeply grateful for any and all assistance that anyone can provide concerning this matter because as I am sure you will agree they are as much victims as Mary Jane and should be treated as such with care and compassion.

Note: Back in 1993 DNA was in its infancy but with today’s cutting edge technology perhaps Charleston Police Department WV investigators should give serious consideration to running whatever evidence if any that was collected at the scene and send it out for inspection and collection  so that it can be ran against the databases and apprehend the animal that did this to Mary Jane.